Excellent For Small & Large Businesses
Highly Scalable & Robust Features
Managed Services Team To Help You Grow
Automated Ecommerce, Logistics & Communications
ONE, Automates 99% of Your Business Logistics, Ecommerce, Inventory Management, Shipping, Sales Commissions, Financials, Communications and more...

We Solve The Complex Infrastructure That Many Businesses Struggle With – Saving You Money & Time!


  • Integrated Facebook & Google Marketplace APIs
  • Unlimited Transactions, Accounts & Scalability
  • Unlimited Customer Groups & Tiered Pricing
  • Product Subscriptions, Autoships & Memberships
  • Product Backorders and Reservations
  • Visual Countdown Timers for New Releases
  • Customer Rewards System 
  • Promotional Coupons, Gift Cards, Reward Point Multipliers, Vouchers, and In-Store Credit
  • Easy-To-Use Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Options (Credit Card, PayPal, Square, Stripe, eCheck, PO, Terms, and more.)
  • Platform Admin & Content Management System
  • Advanced Reporting & System Tools
  • Search Engine Optimized & Mobile Responsive

When it comes to eCommerce websites, it’s all about features, automation, and design.

Ecommerce businesses can grow at a very fast pace, so there are features you must have when running a business.  ONE Platform serves as a forward facing website for customer engagement, sales teams, ecommerce processing and disseminates a variety of information about the company’s products and services – all while automating the business processes and financial transactions.  We eliminate the labor & cost associated with running a business – allowing limitless organizational scalability!

Platform Admin

Your complete control and reporting center for the entire company, with a built-in SMS customer service system that allows streamlined, verified communications with customers and sales representatives.

Look & Feel

The entire website can be completely customized to your brand requirements.  Once your products are differentiated, we can create multiple “entrances” or landing pages for different audiences.  Everything is under your domain name, your brand, and secure. 


  • Virtual Office & Advanced Reporting System
  • Self-Replicating Websites w/ Automated Enrollment
  • Influencer, Affiliate, Sales Rep & Founder Programs
  • Party Planning Program w/ Automatic Host Rewards
  • Automated Sales Commissions & Ewallet
  • Live Leaderboards for Sales & Recruiting
  • Multi-Tier Compensation System 
  • Customer Retention Program
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Sales Advancement Program with Rank/Titles
  • Training & Download Center
  • Searchable Representative Directory
  • Refer Sales to a Nearby Rep
  • Product Subscriptions & Autoships
  • Membership Subscriptions

Experienced sales people know that the quality of your ‘platform’ is critical to their success.

ONE, serves as a selling system for Sales Representatives – providing a Virtual Office that connects them to the Corporate Office, complete with Ewallet, detailed sales reports, customer reports, team reports, company leaderboards and more – personalized with their name and picture!


A built-in financial system and currency allows for numerous ways to send money and commissions to representatives, send rev shares to strategic partners, even managing stock shares and payments for investors.  They receive and manage their money using an eWallet – exporting money when they choose, or spending their money buying products from their website – all automated. 


  • Automated Order Processing w/ time for the customer to cancel or convert to in-store credit
  • Automatic Customer Notifications & Packing Slips
  • Inventory & Shipping Management & Reporting
  • Database Integrated Shipping Software
  • Multi-Warehouse System
  • Low Inventory Notifications
  • Automatic “Out of Stock” when inventory runs out
  • Automatic processing of Pre-Order and Backorders when inventory arrives. 

Organizing and controlling your inventory is key to a cost-efficient operation.

Our integrated warehouse management, inventory and shipping system will streamline your operation and keep track of your inventory – whether you are self shipping, or shipping through a fulfillment center. When inventory is ‘out of stock’, sales on the site can be automatically halted until the inventory is replenished.  If you have the ‘Backorder’ option enabled, sales will continue while notifying buyers of the backordered inventory, and it will automatically splitting their order, allowing in-stock items to ship now, and backorder items to be automatically processed later.  The ‘Pre-Order / Reservation’ system can automatically collect deposits and partial/full payments, showing buyers a countdown timer to the ‘official’ release date – all while your inventory is in route to your facility.


Large companies can have multiple warehouses and/or fulfillment centers. The management of these organizations can be extremely complex, and costly – if not run efficiently.  ONE Platform automates everything, creating a streamline and cost efficient operation!


  • Newsletter & Drip Email Campaigns w/ Dashboard
  • SMS/Phone Customer Service w/ Dashboard



  • EMAIL | Customer Sales Receipts
  • EMAIL | Customer Shipping Updates
  • EMAIL | Customer Rewards, Reservations & Backorders
  • EMAIL & SMS | Password Resets
  • EMAIL & SMS | Sales Commission Notifications
  • EMAIL & SMS | Sales Team Notifications
  • EMAIL & SMS | Party Plan Notifications
  • EMAIL & SMS | Owner & Admin Notifications
  • And more…

Integrated communications are key for every company to provide a first-class customer experience.

One of the most obvious advantages of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels.  Email marketing and drip campaigns are great for taking advantage of impulse buying.  Our newsletter system allows you to target customers with single emails or drip campaigns, that have purchased specific product(s), are in a specific customer group, have just signed up, have not logged in recently, and a variety of other options.

Customer Service

ONE, features a built-in Customer Service system that communicates by SMS phone messages.  A dashboard allows you to send SMS messages to customers and sales reps, and reply to customer requests.  You can even send pictures, URLs and emojis!  Every message has a link to that customer’s account, so you can easily look up their records and information.

ONE, also can receive incoming phone calls on the same SMS phone number, and forward those calls to another number, like a cell phone, or send the calls to voicemail. All phone call records and voicemails are displayed in the Dashboard.



ONE, automates 99% of your business logistics, ecommerce, sales commissions, inventory management, shipping, financials, communications and more.  We solve the complex infrastructure that many businesses struggle with – saving you money and time!  Many companies employ 3-6 different software providers, and pay to integrate them all, just to get the basics their company needs to do business.  We have it all, and we do it better – with ONE platform. With ONE, you unlock limitless scalability and growth potential.  
  • Automated Multi-Warehouse, Inventory & Shipping System
  • Automated Newsletter & Drip Email Campaigns
  • Automated Sign Up & Self-Replicating Websites
  • Automated Ewallet & Virtual Office System
  • Automated SMS & Email Notifications
  • Automated Sales Commissions, Leaderboards & Reporting
  • Automated Sales Tax & Merchant Processing

We strategize with every client what is best for THEIR particular business.


Custom Designed Website & Managed Services Team
All Ecommerce Features
SMS/Phone Customer Service System
Inventory Management & Shipping System
Automated Newsletter & Drip Email Campaigns
Google and Facebook Marketplace Product Feeds
Website Admin, CMS & Advanced Reporting
Unlimited Website Traffic & Database Records


Custom Designed Website & Managed Services Team
All PRO Business Features
Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment System
Advanced Inventory Management
Stock / Shareholder Management System
Rev Share / Royalty Payment System
Custom Integration & Programming Available


Custom Designed Website & Managed Services Team
Virtual Office w/ Advanced Reporting System
Influencer, Affiliate, Sales Rep, Founder & Party Programs
Self-Replicating Websites w/ Automated Sign Up
Automated Sales Commissions & Ewallet
Live Leaderboards for Sales & Recruiting
Multi-Tier Compensation System


We work with both startup companies, helping them to create their brand identity and customer experience, and growing companies with established brands that need to automate their business operations – whether to provide a better customer experience, or just to save money.  We’ll lay out a strategy, implement it and migrate your database – creating a seamless transition. 
We are a one-stop,  high-end shop.  We’re going to make your life so easy and your business so successful!
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At the very foundation of everything we do are 7 Core Values.  They guide us as we make decisions, foster trust between team members, and remind us of the kind of company we are and will become.

1. RELATIONSHIPS:   Built on trust, respect, humility and long-term commitment are the foundation to our success.
2. INTEGRITY:   We believe in transparency and honest communication with clients and partners.  People trust us to adhere to our word and we will not break their trust.  Our integrity is our foundation.
3. STAYING POSITIVE:   We accept adversity as an opportunity to grow and to produce creative solutions.
4. TEAMWORK:   Our passion for mutual success and collective efforts will provide exemplary service and superior outcomes.
5. ACCOUNTABILITY:   We take action to do the right thing and assume responsibility for our decisions and actions.
6. BALANCE:   A dedication to achievement in our work lives, nurturing our families & relationships, and finding purpose in our spiritual lives.
7. PASSION:   We are passionate about our clients, brands, designs and most importantly the people who make up our company around the world.  We want to exceed our clients’ expectations by continually setting the standard for quality, safety and environmental stewardship.



  • Solveres
  • SLH Medical Supply
  • Family Funsports
  • Bluegrass Best
  • Samson33
  • Ritza Life
  • Sportzag
  • US Precision
  • Jubilee Life
  • Healthy Response
  • BellaFlutter




  • Google Merchant Center
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Authorize.net
  • PayPal
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • Klarna
  • Green.Money
  • WorldPay
  • Twilio
  • SendGrid
  • MailChimp
  • Avalara
  • Veracore
  • Endicia
  • AgeChecker.net
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Analytics