standard-title Automated Ecommerce

Automated Ecommerce

When it comes to eCommerce websites, it’s all about features, automation, and design.

Ecommerce businesses can grow at a very fast pace, so there are features you must have when running a business.  ONE Platform serves as a forward facing website for customer engagement, sales teams, ecommerce processing and disseminates a variety of information about the company’s products and services – all while automating the business processes and financial transactions.  We eliminate the labor & cost associated with running a business – allowing limitless organizational scalability!

Product Reviews

Product reviews are critical to influencing new customers to make that first purchase.  Our product review system is fully automatic and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.  Product review request emails can be sent automatically “X” days after their purchase and they can be rewarded with a coupon discount off their next purchase. New product reviews can be automatically approved and posted to that product, if they meet your specific criteria. Poor reviews can be automatically held for your approval. We have you covered!

Product Feeds

Your ecommerce products can automatically be sent to Google shopping, Facebook marketplace, Bing shopping and many others, helping to automate your marketing efforts. If you are out of stock on a specific product, that product will automatically be removed from the feed. If you change the price, picture or description, your product feeds will automatically be updated.  

Platform Admin

Your complete control and reporting center for the entire company, with a built-in SMS customer service system that allows streamlined, verified communications with customers and sales representatives.

Look & Feel

The entire website can be completely customized to your brand requirements.  Once your products are differentiated, we can create multiple “entrances” or landing pages for different audiences.  Everything is under your domain name, your brand, and secure. 

ONE, is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that can automate your business logistics – such as order processing, inventory management, shipping & receiving, drip campaigns, customer service, virtual sales office & e-wallet, and lots more… We solve the complex infrastructure that many businesses struggle with – saving you $$ and time.


  • Integrated Facebook & Google Marketplace APIs
  • Automated Shopping / Product Feeds
  • Unlimited Transactions, Accounts & Scalability
  • Unlimited Customer Groups & Tiered Pricing
  • Product Subscriptions, Autoships & Memberships
  • Product Backorders & Reservations
  • Product Review System
  • Sales Tax Nexus – Avalara Certified Partner
  • Visual Countdown Timers for New Releases
  • Customer Rewards System 
  • Promotional Coupons, Gift Cards, Reward Point Multipliers, Vouchers, and In-Store Credit
  • Easy-To-Use Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Options (Credit Card, PayPal, Square, Stripe, eCheck, PO, Terms, and more.)
  • Platform Admin & Content Management System
  • Advanced Reporting & System Tools
  • Search Engine Optimized & Mobile Responsive


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