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Sales Teams & MLM

Experienced sales people know that the quality of your ‘platform’ is critical to their success.

ONE, serves as a selling system for Sales Representatives – providing a Virtual Office that connects them to the Corporate Office, complete with Ewallet, detailed sales reports, customer reports, team reports, company leaderboards and more – personalized with their name and picture!


A built-in financial system and currency allows for numerous ways to send money and commissions to representatives, send rev shares to strategic partners, even managing stock shares and payments for investors.  They receive and manage their money using an eWallet – exporting money when they choose, or spending their money buying products from their website – all automated. 

Commission Engine

Our automated commission engine can facilitate numerous different scenarios to pay sales representatives and automatically remove commissions if an order is canceled or refunded.

Customer Center

Sales representatives can easily review their customers’ order history, order statuses, last login, contact info and more, giving them the tools they need to create their own success. 

Team Reporting

Sales representatives can easily track their team members’ sales and recruiting progress. Whether you have a traditional sales team, affiliate program or MLM – we have you covered!

Sales Leaderboards

Competition is the fuel for a great sales team! Our real-time leaderboards allow each representative to track their ranking compared to other sales reps. Reps can create teams to track each other’s progress, and the top performers’ pictures are shown on the leaderboards. We have leaderboards for Top Sellers, Top Recruiters, and Top Team Sales.  

Sales Advancement

Our sales advancement program is customizable to your company needs and allows your sales representative to automatically progress through Ranks/Titles, earn bonuses based on performance, and unlock additional team levels. 



  • Virtual Office & Advanced Reporting System
  • Self-Replicating Websites w/ Automated Enrollment
  • Influencer, Affiliate, Sales Rep & Founder Programs
  • Party Planning Program w/ Automatic Host Rewards
  • Automated Sales Commissions & Ewallet
  • Live Leaderboards for Sales & Recruiting
  • Multi-Tier Compensation System 
  • Customer Retention Program
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Sales Advancement Program with Rank/Titles
  • Training & Download Center
  • Searchable Representative Directory
  • Refer Sales to a Nearby Rep
  • Product Subscriptions & Autoships
  • Membership Subscriptions


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