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Marketing & Customer Service

Integrated communications are key for every company to provide a first-class customer experience.

One of the most obvious advantages of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels.  Email marketing and drip campaigns are great for taking advantage of impulse buying.  Our newsletter system allows you to target customers with single emails or drip campaigns, that have purchased specific product(s), are in a specific customer group, have just signed up, have not logged in recently, and a variety of other options.

Customer Service

ONE, features a built-in Customer Service system that communicates by SMS phone messages.  A dashboard allows you to send SMS messages to customers and sales reps, and reply to customer requests.  You can even send pictures, URLs and emojis!  Every message has a link to that customer’s account, so you can easily look up their records and information. ONE, also can receive incoming phone calls on the same SMS phone number, and forward those calls to another number, like a cell phone, or send the calls to voicemail. All phone call records and voicemails are displayed in the Dashboard.


  • Newsletter & Drip Email Campaigns w/ Dashboard
  • SMS/Phone Customer Service w/ Dashboard
  • Product Reviews w/ Email Prompts After Purchase



  • EMAIL | Customer Sales Receipts
  • EMAIL | Customer Shipping Updates
  • EMAIL | Customer Rewards, Reservations & Backorders
  • EMAIL & SMS | Password Resets
  • EMAIL & SMS | Sales Commission Notifications
  • EMAIL & SMS | Sales Team Notifications
  • EMAIL & SMS | Party Plan Notifications
  • EMAIL & SMS | Owner & Admin Notifications
  • And more…


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