standard-title Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will it take to get my website online and all services set up?

Typically 4-6 weeks, depending on our current workload and how quickly you can reply with the information and assets we need. This time can vary depending on the number of products and web pages that need to be created, and how many services need to be connected – such as merchant processors, shopping feeds, shipping providers, QuickBooks connector, Nexus Sales Tax connector, and more... 

Question: Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! Our packages are designed for you to grow, and grow big! We've included every feature we have and every new feature we will add in the future: Unlimited Bandwidth, Products, Customer & Affiliate Accounts. All Virtual Office, Ewallet & Commission Engine Features. All Ecommerce & Online Sales Features. All Shopping Feeds & Product Review Features. All Warehouse Management & Shipping Features. All Marketing & Newsletter System Features. All Customer Service System Features. All API Service Connections. Website Administration, Content Management & Reporting System (you have complete control). New Features & Platform Updates Added Automatically.

Question: Is there a contract period that I must maintain service?

No. Our SaaS platform is month to month, you can discontinue your website and services at any time. We request 45 days notice prior to discounting service. Discontinued websites are removed from our servers and the services are disconnected. A database export is provided of customer records, sales records, product list and more, depending on what data is needed. The website admin also provides numerous ways to export data, media and other content.  A reconnection fee is charged if you choose to go live again. 

Question: Can I migrate an existing business and ecommerce website, or is this just for new businesses?

Yes. We are very experienced with ecommerce and database migrations. We understand the impact an interruption in services can leave on your customers. We'll meet with you to discuss and implement a migration strategy, to make sure your transition to us is seamless.  

Question: Do I need to use all of the services provided by ONE?

No. Our services can be turned on/off as needed, and each service can be tailored to meet your business needs. As you grow, your needs change and that's why our managed service team is here to help. 

Question: What is the self-hosting option?

Our SaaS platform (software as a service) reduces your upfront cost. The monthly fee pays for hosting of files, images and database records, website traffic, email delivery, API services data, daily/hourly backups, software and security updates, and our managed services team. 

Self-hosting has a higher upfront cost but the cost of running your business is lower in the long run. You own the website platform license and host the services on your servers. We provide an optional maintenance package that gives you all the same benefits as our SaaS service, including software updates and a managed support team.  Contact us for pricing.

Question: Is there a fee for premium email delivery?

No. Included with our service is premium email delivery sent securely and through SendGrid. We use a premium email delivery service because sending email directly from the server often leads to your emails ending up in someone's spam filter. Verified and authenticated emails through a premium delivery service most likely will not.  All notifications and newsletters sent from your website use this service, including sales receipts, shipping notifications, packing slips, sales commission notifications, new representative/customer notifications, newsletters and more.  In rare cases, clients sending a large volume of newsletters may be asked to provide their own SendGrid account for email delivery. 

Question: Is there a fee for SMS messages?

Yes. SMS messages (text messages) are not included with our services. SMS messages are sent and received through Twilio, a premium SMS carrier.  We request you create a Twilio account and register a phone number that will be used to receive incoming voice calls and 2-way SMS messages in your customer service dashboard. * At the time of this post, Twilio charges $0.0075 per message, there are no monthly fees, it's pay as you go. 

Question: Can I add customized services, service providers & 3rd party API's to my website?

Yes. We commonly add services and API connections unique to each company. If features or service you are requesting is not available on our platform, our programming team is available. We charge $70/hour for programming services. Contact us to discuss the details. 

Question: Do you offer custom programming services?

Yes. Our expert programming team is available for many tasks, from programming automated scripts to OAuth/API development. We charge $70/hour for programming services. Contact us to discuss the details. 

Question: Do you offer custom design services?

Yes. Your website package is a Homepage design and web banners and 3 information page designs – typically used for About Us and Services pages. If you need additional help designing new web banners, adding new pages and products to your website, or giving your entire website a face lift, our expert designers are available for whatever you need. We charge $45/hour for design time. Contact us to discuss the details.