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Fulfillment & Shipping

Organizing and controlling your inventory is key to a cost-efficient operation.

Our integrated warehouse management, inventory and shipping system will streamline your operation and keep track of your inventory – whether you are self shipping, or shipping through a fulfillment center. When inventory is ‘out of stock’, sales on the site can be automatically halted until the inventory is replenished.  If you have the ‘Backorder’ option enabled, sales will continue while notifying buyers of the backordered inventory, and it will automatically splitting their order, allowing in-stock items to ship now, and backorder items to be automatically processed later.  The ‘Pre-Order / Reservation’ system can automatically collect deposits and partial/full payments, showing buyers a countdown timer to the ‘official’ release date – all while your inventory is in route to your facility.


Large companies can have multiple warehouses and/or fulfillment centers. The management of these organizations can be extremely complex, and costly – if not run efficiently.  ONE Platform automates everything, creating a streamline and cost efficient operation!



  • Multi-Warehouse System
  • Automated Order Processing w/ time for the customer to cancel or convert to in-store credit
  • Automatic Customer Notifications & Packing Slips
  • Inventory & Shipping Management & Reporting
  • Database Integrated Shipping Software
  • Low Inventory Notifications
  • Automatic “Out of Stock” when inventory runs out
  • Automatic processing of Pre-Order and Backorders when inventory arrives. 


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