Here you will find a list of all Affiliate Accounts and a summary of information.   (picture below)


Important:  Affiliates also have a matching Customer Account record (ADMIN – SALES – CUSTOMERS) containing their Name, Addresses, Phone, Email, Reward Point history, Purchase history, and more – just like all customers.  Their ‘Affiliate’ account provides them a self-replicating website with Ewallet, advanced reporting for team progress, store sales, customer purchases and more.  The Affiliate account contains all the records and features related to their position as a sales representative / affiliate / consultant / founder (whatever your program is).  If an Affiliate “cancels” or “terminates” their account, they automatically become a Customer, and their Affiliate account is Disabled permanently.  When they next login, they will only see their Customer account and personal order history.  If the affiliate chooses to join again, their will need to create a new account with a different email address. If they want to use the same email again, Edit their Disabled Affiliate account and change the email to something different. (example: [email protected]  changes to  [email protected]). Customer and Affiliate records remain indefinitely in the Admin for your access.




–  Affiliate ID:  This ID is unique to each Affiliate account.
–  Customer ID:  This ID is unique to each Customer account.

–  Rep Type:  Displays the Affiliate / Rep Group they are assigned to. It could be Sales Representative, Affiliate, Founder, or any number of Custom Groups… each can have different product/category access and pricing.
–  Tracking Code:  A unique ID chosen by the Affiliate when enrolling their account. This Tracking ID is used to create their URL (example:  www.yourwebsite.com/johnsmith). It is also used as their personalized Influencer Code – for global coupon campaigns or just to refer people to their self-replicated website.  This code can be changed by the affiliate at any time in their Virtual Office.
–  Balance:  This displays their current Ewallet balance. To view detailed Ewallet transactions, EDIT their account and view the TRANSACTIONS Tab.  Or, LOGIN to their account and view their Ewallet – COMMISSION HISTORY.
–  Date Added:  The date the account was created.
–  Last Login:  Shows the Date & IP Address of the last login.
–  Leadership Title:  Displays their current title according to your Compensation Plan.
–  Status:  Enabled accounts are Active.  Disabled accounts can no longer be accessed by the Affiliate. If an Affiliate “cancels / terminates” their account, it can no longer enabled. If the affiliate chooses to join again, their will need to create another account. The records remain in the admin for your access.
–  Parent Affiliate Name:  The name of their direct Sponsor.  Click to access the Sponsor account and information.
–  Parent Affiliate ID:  The unique ID of their Sponsors Affiliate Account. 



How to ‘Sort & Search’ Affiliate Accounts

To reorganize / sort the data in each column, CLICK the column header title.
Or, you can enter data into the boxes, then click FILTER. 




How to SMS Message, Edit & Login to an Affiliates Account

Using the ACTION buttons on the right side next to each Affiliate Account:


SMS:  A message box will open to text message that Affiliates mobile phone.  You can send text, emojis and pictures.  All Sent & Received messages can be checked on the SMS Dashboard, accessible from the Main Menu
EDIT:  Will open the Affiliate Account so that you can see and update the records. 
LOGIN:  Will log you in to that Affiliates account, to access and see everything they see, without needing the user/password. 





EDIT the Affiliate Account

After clicking ‘Edit’ the screen will load to show the affiliates name, address, phone number and more (pic below).  There are 3 TABS across the top of the page. GENERAL, PAYMENT DETAILS and TRANSACTIONS.  After changing the information or settings needed, Click SAVE.




Here you can update a number of records on the Affiliates account (listed below).  


–  Store Name:  The name that appears publicly on their self-replicated website.
–  Pro Platform User:  This is an optional feature.
–  90 Day Sales:  Total sales on this account / store in the last 90 days. (not team sales)
–  Parent Affiliate:  Displays who their current Sponsor is.  CLICK “Select Affiliate” to move this account under someone else. This account, and all account under them (their downline / team) will be moved to the new Sponsor.  The new sponsor will be sent an email about the new person on their team.
–  Subscription:  Optional feature that may be used if your affiliates pay a membership fee to keep their account.
–  Unlocked Levels:  Displays the number of downline levels unlocked for this account.
–  Multi Tier Scheme:  This should always be set to “Default” unless you want to bypass the Compensation Plan and assign a special compensation for this account.  Contact our support team before changing so we can review you unique configuration.
–  Waive Multi Tier Commission:  If YES, this account will not receive any commissions.
–  Tracking Code:  This is the unique code chosen by the affiliate.  Changing this will change their URL and Influencer Code/Coupon.
–  Associate Tracking Code with Coupon Code:  Leave this setting DEFAULT to allow this account to participate in Global Coupon campaigns.  If you want to assign this Affiliates Tracking Code to a specific Coupon Code, choose it here.
–  Allow Tracking Coupon in Rep’s Own Orders:  If YES, this Affiliate can use their own Tracking Code on their Orders.  If NO, it will work for Customers only.  (contact our support team to have this changed globally for all Affiliates)
–  Apply Tracking Coupon…:  if YES, the Affiliates Tracking Code/Coupon will be automatically applies to all Customer Orders placed on their Store.  (contact our support team to have this changed globally for all Affiliates)
–  Allow Short Link with Tracking Code:  Leave this setting YES to allow Short URL’s. (example: www.yourwebsite.com/johnsmith)  If NO, only full URLs will work (example: www.yourwebsite.com/store/johnsmith)    (contact our support team to have this changed globally for all Affiliates)
–  Apply Tracking Coupon for Short Link Access:  If YES, use the field below to define where the user will be sent upon entering the Tracking Code/Coupon.   (contact our support team to have this changed globally for all Affiliates)
–  Current Leadership Title:  This is the current Title earned defined by your Compensation Plan.
–  Current Flame:  Optional feature
–  Latitude & Longitude:   The last know position of the Affiliate – used for referring new Sales and new Affiliates to this account, based on geographic location. (optional feature)
–  PRS and Team Sales:  Shows sales data for various time frames, for easy Admin access.
–  Status:  If DISABLED, when the Affiliate logs in, their will only see their customer account (no virtual office).  The the affiliate Cancels / Terminates their account, this option will Disable automatically.
–  Rep Lite:  Optional feature
–  Group:  Used to add an additional Title to the account (example: VP of Sales, Master Distributor, CEO, etc…)  This title will appear publicly on Leaderboards and Downline reports.
–  Suspended Account:  If you need to suspend an Affiliate for any reason, use this option. Suspended affiliates do not earn commission and their Public Website is removed.  You can leave the account suspended for an indefinite period of time.
–  Charity Account:  This is an option feature for nonprofit fundraising.  Contact our support team for assistance setting up.
–  Title:  The current title of the Affiliate, defined by your compensation plan.  To assign a different Title, use the settings to change it.
–  Exempt from 495 Platform:  Optional feature





Here you can access the Payment Options chosen by the Affiliate to receive Ewallet Withdraws from you. 


–  Commission:  If you need to Override the Default commission system program.
–  Garnishment:  If you are required to withhold funds for that specific Affiliate.
–  Tax ID:  Provided by the Affiliate during sign up.
–  Tax Exempt:  If the affiliate is a Business and is Sales Tax Exempt. This option will Not change them Sales Tax on Orders.
–  View Ewallet Opt In/Out History:  If you are required to send a free commission payments to affiliates, we can enable a option to allow the Affiliate to “opt-out” of the Ewallet and be part of your payment program. The Ewallet will still track the commissions for you, and them, but they will not have an option to “withdraw funds”, you will send manual payments to them at your discretion.






Here you can view, add and remove money on the Affiliates Ewallet account.  If enabled, the affiliate, using their Ewallet, can create both Customer and Affiliate Vouchers that can be redeemed by others.  During checkout, the Affiliate can be automatically prompted to use their available Ewallet balance to pay for that Order.    


You can Add or Remove money on their Ewallet by entering a ‘Description’ and transaction ‘Amount’ – then Click ADD TRANSACTION.  If this money is related to a specific Order, enter the Order Number also (optional).
–  Do not use $ dollar signs. Enter the whole amount only
–  To Add Money: enter a positive number (00.00)
–  To Remove Money: enter a negative number (-00.00)